Poker Channel for South Africa

May 28, 2010

South African’s have been witness to a number of ads on both TV and radio for numerous online casinos for the past year or so and will soon be seeing some poker action as the World Series of Poker makes its first stop in the country. It was also recently announced that The Poker Channel will be getting in on the action as it expands into South Africa in June 2010.

The Poker Channel which was launched in 2005 is one of Europe’s oldest and most popular gaming networks boasting over 20 million subscribers and looks set to be a hit here too. The network will be telecast through digital satellite and will be made available to over two million South Africans who will have front row seats to the top poker tournaments in Europe and the United States on a daily basis.

The networks Commercial Director, Chris White, believes that their steps into South America and Africa are a tremendous milestone for the channel and that it is an indication of the fact that like online casinos, poker continues to grow in popularity across the globe. He added that the company was working with the best local television companies and poker rooms in the region to televise top tournaments, help viewers improve their game and choose where to play.

So for all poker fans, make sure you look out for The Poker Channel, it is sure to be a treat! For more online casino news, click here.

Story from a local jackpot winner

May 4, 2009

Meet Ms X, a 39 year old lady from South Africa. She won the jackpot at a casino some 10 years ago. Still a mufti-millionaire and a role model in her own right, she inspires many people to enjoy this entertainment and at the same time, be responsible.  Ms X is the mother of an 8 year old boy and is single, after her long relationship with the boy’s father failed.

Ms X did gambling at casinos just for fun as in those days; the casinos were not as “open” as today. Very much an Elite market and exclusive, Ms X had contacts to the now known Monte Casino in Fourways, Johannesburg.  As usual, Ms X joined friends and played their normal games on slots. Very excited, as you win some money occasionally, she took her chance at a progressive jackpot slots. Not suspecting anything, she put her card in, used the max bet options, and spun the wheel a few times. Her favorite slot machines are the treasures under  the sea where you play 20lines at maximum lines and betting in 10 sent domination’s.

Suddenly, she heard an overpowering alarm and saw her slots machine flash that she won the jackpot! A total of R4.2million! It only hit her when most of the people in the slots hall clapped and the officials congratulated her. Given a bottle of champagne to open, with all her friends around her, the casino whisked her off to a restaurant for a free meal with all her friend to celebrate! She was then booked into the casinos 5 star hotel, also at the cost of the casino and taken home with her own private Limousine. Even after the celebrations of the night, she could still not believe her luck the next morning, and it all felt like a very cosy dream!

The casino arranged everything on her behalf and when she got a phone call from her Bank Manager, did the reality slowly set in. How could all of this happen to her? Ms X has her own superstitions and really felt that she was different. She is left-handed, had been struck by lightning before, artistic in the arts, and now to seal it all, the winner of the jackpot at one of our own South African casinos! What are the odds? When you meet this vibrant lady, you can understand that she has a very special aura and wit about her that does set her ahead of the normal pack!

Ms X planned on spending her winnings very wisely. She took some time out to regroup her thoughts, as she felt overwhelmed with all this money that became hers by just having fun! One thing that Ms X can do very well is to stay level-headed in a situation where many can lose themselves. Needless to say that she took a well deserved cruise holiday and had financial advisors guide her in her planning. Everyone she spoke to in the financial field told her to invest the bulk of her money in property, as that pays the highest returns and is not so easy to unlock the cash. That she felt, was what she wanted to do so that her winnings can pay her additional revenue and secure her investment.

She could now give her full attention to her calling to paint and become an artist to be reckoned with. She spends time learning and experiencing from one of the world’s greatest artist, Mr Z. In the process, she had lots of time and also invested in a business that would give her the time to do the things she so much loved, taking care of ladies in the beauty field! After all, she is a lady who can hold a candle with the worlds most famous and “Elite”!

Her son was born and this was a wonderful time in her life. What more can one asks for when you literally have the world at your feet. She never took any of her blessings for granted. Providing for her son and expressing her talent was high on her list of priorities. There had been some trying times too, but she never lost herself in the process. Ms X is so down to earth and could pass as just a lady but also someone to be reckoned with. With her fame and glory, she never lost sight of her goals and never passed an opportunity to give back to her community.

After 10 years, she is still in control of her destiny and advises others to be true to whom they are and not to let “money” change and control who you really are! She still enjoy nights out at casinos. She is truly a role model as she is very responsible in her gambling approaches and ensures that we all have luck, as long as one does not get lost and neglect the important things in life, like family, children and surrounded by real friends. Needless to say that due to wise financial advisers, she remained a millionaire in her property assets. What an inspiration to us all!

Names have been protected due to confidentiality.

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Gambling Stigma

April 26, 2009

The New York Times reports that Game Stigma is the industry’s fault. Adults alike will not admit in their social circles that they spend time online playing games, including online gambling. The industry has to look at better marketing strategies for online games and gambling.

Why then the stigma associated with gambling and sex? In the past religion had all to do with it as our cultures were controlled by the church. And although religion has it’s place in society, if you did not comply to the rules of your church and listen to the preachers, you were an outcast. Preachers would drill the fact that a tenth of your income belonged to them, when you failed to do so; you and your family were possessed by evil. How would these people find work to support their families? Well, they became entrepreneurs and started making money with games, gambling and sex. Seeing as they were already outcast from their society, it did not matter how their money was made. People from the church would pay for these services and gambling, but the church would tell their members to stay away from these evil people and degrade their means of survival. One could not afford to be seen associating with these businesses or people, therefore it was all done in the dark where one would not be spotted. These religions were the driving force behind our cultures and if you did not agree with the teachings, you were either a communist or an atheist!

Betting was something introduced many millennia ago and evolved to a very stable and sound business ventures, as we know it to be today. Needless to say that the people behind the industry then, were the social outcasts and communists. Also, in the past games, gambling, betting and sex was associated together as there was money to be made, and people rising up to do business, was not concerned about the church! They wanted to make money!
Things have changed over the past few decades. Prostitution and adult entertainment are no longer part of each other. In recent years we see that each has become an industry on it’s own, and are regulated by different departments in government with their own set of rules and control. Gambling has become entertainment for all, and yes, including families. One can book a suite at Sun International for the whole family. Children will be looked after by trained adults while parents roam hall after hall in search of their big break.

Today, the stigma remains. If you gamble, you are also into adult entertainment of the sexual nature as well. We know this to be a false assumption, as it no longer trades together as one business. How do we rid our self of this stigma? Well, it all starts with us in the gaming industry and individuals that prefer to gamble rather than put themselves at risk in the sex industry.

For individuals that do experience problems with addiction to gambling, the industry has many methods available for one to consult with. Like any addiction in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling, it remains the responsibility of the individual to seek help. It is not the fault of the industry! Let’s vote together to promote good business and sound practices, rather than condemn!

My 1st steps into the online gambling world

April 26, 2009

I want to tell you about my journey into the gambling world. Let me start off by saying that I have never done writing about my experience in this form before. I also want to let you know that the views expressed, is that of myself only and my personal journal.

I was offered the opportunity to do Internet marketing for a online casino. Well, when you have no other means of an income, I grabbed the opportunity as I am single and have no financial support structure. It would be great to not worry about paying the bills. The downside though is that I have a problem with gambling in general, as I have witnessed mostly my parents gambling and us children going without many things.

Secondly, my religious views also brought guild along for the ride, as it was viewed by many in my religion as an “EVIL”. Now combine these 2 factors and you are set for life in seeing gambling as the “Devil”, lurking around the corner!

Obviously, I have to earn an income, so I decided to put the “guilt” and negative connotations on the back burner as this is my bread and butter, right? RIGHT! As part of my journey to understand the product i am about to market, I was advised to “play a few games” so I can understand the rules and get to know the business. I registered at a few sites and downloaded the software from the internet, and wallah…I’m on my way! I thought that Blackjack is easy to understand, as I must not exceed 21. Easy for me I thought! I read up on the “beginners” rules for Blackjack and started playing my game. I received R400 as a new beginner upon registration. Yippee, I don’t have to use my own money!

In a few rounds, I lost R300 and then I saw that you can change the dominations, so I opted for the lowest, as that will make me play the game a little longer. Then I started to win 1 round, then 4 and so on. Ok, now I am back at R200, so I increased the domination’s again, just a little more! And the winning streak continued….. In no time, I had R350! Then i got all hyped up and up the chips again! Before I knew what hit me, I had over R600. That’s when I said to myself….how much better and easy can this be? Well well, in no time, I lost it all! I was angry then sad and then I did not want to play anymore! Needless to say but I could not fall asleep that knight as the cards kept on dancing with my mind, and I was playing the game while almost asleep. Thinking: Stand, hit, double up, and could not beat the “devil” in my head!! Hahaha!!!

The very next day, I was back! I played a few games and it got boring and I decided to try my hand at poker. Again, read the “beginners” rules. Very complicated, but printed the hands and kept it next to me so I could understand when I have a good hand. I was starting to fight with poker, as I am thinking that there must be someone that can see my cards hand), and is giving me the shit I don’t want! I did get a few ok hands with pairs (jacks and better), and a few 2x pairs. Once I had a 3 pair. I lost all the chips on poker and again, was pissed off with gambling online. I am wondering how other people feel and think when it’s your own money? Luckily, you don’t get another “refill” on your chips, and I returned the next day.