The DONTs of online gambling

In our Getting Started section, we outlined the preliminary checks you should make before settling on an online casino at which to play. In this section, we have listed our top DONTs of online gambling; i.e. the mistakes you should never make when you decide to gamble using your own money. These comprehensive gambling strategies can be used when playing any casino game from the classics like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps to the modern, state-of-the-art video poker and video slots games.

  • Don’t gamble if you are not really in the mood.
  • Don’t drink and gamble.Don’t gamble if you are tired.
  • Don’t bet more than you normally would or than you were betting all along simply to try to recover losses.
  • Don’t gamble more than your set limit. You should always set a limit before playing.
  • Don’t immediately quit after a win UNLESS you have reached or surpassed your set limit or you are up from your original starting amount.
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford.
  • Don’t bet fast and furious in the hopes of winning quickly. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Don’t try to recoup your losses. If your stash is almost depleted, end the game. At least you will have some money instead of none at all.
  • Don’t think with your money; think with your brains.
  • Don’t play without a system endorsed by an expert or a Pro.
  • Don’t jump right into a game that is new to you or that you are not familiar with the rules. Test its waters first by playing it for fun/free before you play using your own cash.
  • Don’t bring your baggage from a previous losing session or game with you. It will only intimidate and distract you from concentrating and making common-sense plays. Likewise Don’t think that your luck will be the same all the time, especially if you are coming off a winning streak.
  • In Multi-player games, Don’t get frustrated by Players who are slow to make a move; otherwise you will get frustrated and make incorrect plays when your turn comes around.

That concludes our concise Gambling Dont’s guide. We can guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will enjoy a longer, more pleasureable time playing your favourite online casino game.