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We are proud to offer our visitors an exclusive gambling expert panel. It doesn’t matter if you are a new to the gambling world or consider yourself a seasoned player, you have access to expert answers right at your fingertips.

Meet our expert gambling panel

With over 10 years experience in marketing Brick and Mortar as well as online casinos, Marcus is currently the Marketing Director of a listed gambling company in the UK. Gambling is his passion and he truly loves the thrill of the game.
Our technical expert. He has developed online Slots and arcade games for many years and currently runs a successful software development company. It is sometimes hard to understand what he is saying because, much like his games, his brain tends to work in bits and bytes at rapid speed! We will try to translate his words into human language :)


Previously a pit boss at the Casino Perla in Slovenia and the head of the Blackjack deck on a popular cruiseliner’s casino. Her games are Blackjack and Poker and we’ve never seen anyone play like this woman can!


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