Kings XI Punjab Moves Up to 2nd Place

April 30, 2009

Mumbai Indians were 19 runs short of the 120-run target, so leg-spinner, Piyush Chawla, stepped up to the KXIP acting captain Kumar Sangakkara and volunteered to bowl the penultimate over. With the first ball, he took Harbhajan Singh’s wicket. He conceded 7 runs off the next 5 deliveries. Abdulla was up next and had the task of trying to stop JP Duminy, Mumbai’s left-hander. He did a fantastic job of frustrating Duminy and got him to strike a catch to the man on the deep mid-wicket fence. This move secured Kings XI Punjab with its 3rd win in 5 games and moved them up to 2nd place in the table behind Deccan Chargers.

For the second time in the tournament so far, Kings XI Punjab bowlers came out believing that they could defend the small total their batsman had put up. Mumbai Indians needed a good start but were shocked when Sanath Jayasuriya (0) and Sachin Tendulkar (1) were sent to the dug out by Irfan Pathan and Vikramjeet Singh Malik in the opening overs with the new ball.

Several boundary hits were accomplished. Kings XI Punjab struck four 4s and two 6s and managed to muster 119 for eight in 20 overs. Mumbai Indians hit seven 4s and one 6, with only 3 players scoring double figures - Duminy (59), Dwayne Bravo (15) and Abhishek Nayar (15).

Thanks are due to Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Abdulla, and Piyush Chawla for putting on such a magnificent show.

Watch this game’s cricket batting highlights:

South Africa will regulate online gambling

April 27, 2009

South Africa is going a new and very interesting way to regulate online casinos.

According to the CEO of the National Gambling Board (NGB), Thembi Moja, the local online gambling market will finally be regulated in a couple of months after years of debates.

10 licences will be granted to operate an online casino in South Africa. The gaming servers of the operators must be in South Africa. The process of who can apply and who might be able to run an online casino legally in SA is not decided yet to our knowledge. One can hope it will be a fair process and no corrupt elements will be part of it.

What makes the South African approach different compare to any other countries is the tight regulations of financial transaction.Every player needs to have a dedicated gambling account with any SA bank and this account can only be funded by credit card. The Reserve Bank will monitor these accounts together with the banks and a maximum balance of R20.000 will be allowed.

The Internet Gambling Tax Bill provides for a 6% tax of the gross gaming revenue. Take into consideration the local online gambling markets is estimated to already be between R400 Million to 1 Billion, this gambling tax will bring the state a substantial amount of money.

It is another try from a country to make money from internet gambling through regulations, but the problem remains the same. The Internet doesn’t have borders. The reality is that a SA operator will have the benefit to market his products on TV, newspapers and any website in South Africa, but has a huge disadvantage to most other global operating online gambling company. These organizations are set up in a way that they pay next to no taxes and the will have automatically more money to spend of marketing and player retention.

Why should a South African go through the hassle of opening a gambling account? A simple Google search will offer him tons of casino better offers and maybe even better service. What happens if you win R100.000 in a SA online casino? You are only allowed to have R20.000 in you gambling account?

The fact of the matter is, before we don’t have a global set of internet laws and regulations, countries will always say: We must fight illegal online gambling and online casino operators will always say: These countries are fighting us, we never even consider moving our operations there and start paying taxes.

Gambling Stigma

April 26, 2009

The New York Times reports that Game Stigma is the industry’s fault. Adults alike will not admit in their social circles that they spend time online playing games, including online gambling. The industry has to look at better marketing strategies for online games and gambling.

Why then the stigma associated with gambling and sex? In the past religion had all to do with it as our cultures were controlled by the church. And although religion has it’s place in society, if you did not comply to the rules of your church and listen to the preachers, you were an outcast. Preachers would drill the fact that a tenth of your income belonged to them, when you failed to do so; you and your family were possessed by evil. How would these people find work to support their families? Well, they became entrepreneurs and started making money with games, gambling and sex. Seeing as they were already outcast from their society, it did not matter how their money was made. People from the church would pay for these services and gambling, but the church would tell their members to stay away from these evil people and degrade their means of survival. One could not afford to be seen associating with these businesses or people, therefore it was all done in the dark where one would not be spotted. These religions were the driving force behind our cultures and if you did not agree with the teachings, you were either a communist or an atheist!

Betting was something introduced many millennia ago and evolved to a very stable and sound business ventures, as we know it to be today. Needless to say that the people behind the industry then, were the social outcasts and communists. Also, in the past games, gambling, betting and sex was associated together as there was money to be made, and people rising up to do business, was not concerned about the church! They wanted to make money!
Things have changed over the past few decades. Prostitution and adult entertainment are no longer part of each other. In recent years we see that each has become an industry on it’s own, and are regulated by different departments in government with their own set of rules and control. Gambling has become entertainment for all, and yes, including families. One can book a suite at Sun International for the whole family. Children will be looked after by trained adults while parents roam hall after hall in search of their big break.

Today, the stigma remains. If you gamble, you are also into adult entertainment of the sexual nature as well. We know this to be a false assumption, as it no longer trades together as one business. How do we rid our self of this stigma? Well, it all starts with us in the gaming industry and individuals that prefer to gamble rather than put themselves at risk in the sex industry.

For individuals that do experience problems with addiction to gambling, the industry has many methods available for one to consult with. Like any addiction in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling, it remains the responsibility of the individual to seek help. It is not the fault of the industry! Let’s vote together to promote good business and sound practices, rather than condemn!

My 1st steps into the online gambling world

April 26, 2009

I want to tell you about my journey into the gambling world. Let me start off by saying that I have never done writing about my experience in this form before. I also want to let you know that the views expressed, is that of myself only and my personal journal.

I was offered the opportunity to do Internet marketing for a online casino. Well, when you have no other means of an income, I grabbed the opportunity as I am single and have no financial support structure. It would be great to not worry about paying the bills. The downside though is that I have a problem with gambling in general, as I have witnessed mostly my parents gambling and us children going without many things.

Secondly, my religious views also brought guild along for the ride, as it was viewed by many in my religion as an “EVIL”. Now combine these 2 factors and you are set for life in seeing gambling as the “Devil”, lurking around the corner!

Obviously, I have to earn an income, so I decided to put the “guilt” and negative connotations on the back burner as this is my bread and butter, right? RIGHT! As part of my journey to understand the product i am about to market, I was advised to “play a few games” so I can understand the rules and get to know the business. I registered at a few sites and downloaded the software from the internet, and wallah…I’m on my way! I thought that Blackjack is easy to understand, as I must not exceed 21. Easy for me I thought! I read up on the “beginners” rules for Blackjack and started playing my game. I received R400 as a new beginner upon registration. Yippee, I don’t have to use my own money!

In a few rounds, I lost R300 and then I saw that you can change the dominations, so I opted for the lowest, as that will make me play the game a little longer. Then I started to win 1 round, then 4 and so on. Ok, now I am back at R200, so I increased the domination’s again, just a little more! And the winning streak continued….. In no time, I had R350! Then i got all hyped up and up the chips again! Before I knew what hit me, I had over R600. That’s when I said to myself….how much better and easy can this be? Well well, in no time, I lost it all! I was angry then sad and then I did not want to play anymore! Needless to say but I could not fall asleep that knight as the cards kept on dancing with my mind, and I was playing the game while almost asleep. Thinking: Stand, hit, double up, and could not beat the “devil” in my head!! Hahaha!!!

The very next day, I was back! I played a few games and it got boring and I decided to try my hand at poker. Again, read the “beginners” rules. Very complicated, but printed the hands and kept it next to me so I could understand when I have a good hand. I was starting to fight with poker, as I am thinking that there must be someone that can see my cards hand), and is giving me the shit I don’t want! I did get a few ok hands with pairs (jacks and better), and a few 2x pairs. Once I had a 3 pair. I lost all the chips on poker and again, was pissed off with gambling online. I am wondering how other people feel and think when it’s your own money? Luckily, you don’t get another “refill” on your chips, and I returned the next day.

South Africa releases the Interactive Gambling Tax Bill 2008

April 26, 2009

In 2006 the National Gambling Board in South Africa released a report outlining the necessity for legalizing online gambling in South Africa; highlighting the fact that land-based gambling and online sports betting were already existent. In response the South African government tripled their efforts to get the ball rolling on this project and to ensure that effective regulations (especially in the form of control systems geared at identifying problem gambling, money laundering, and other criminal activities) were put in place.

Now two years later online gambling is one step away from being legalized in South Africa and the government is now on the verge of tapping into the millions of dollars in tax revenue the industry generates.

South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, has released for comment the Interactive Gambling Tax Bill, a special tax law on interactive gambling, which will impose a 6% tax on gross gambling revenue from internet gambling.

The tax is provided for in the National Gambling Amendment Bill, an amendment to the National Gambling Act, which did not provide for legalized interactive gambling. The amendment, therefore, allows for online gambling, which will be strictly regulated and monitored.

Several gambling operations in South Africa are waiting in the wings for the passing of the Interactive Gambling Tax Bill. One such operation is Betting World, a sportsbetting site, which intends to add online Poker to its gambling offering. Other smaller gambling sites will also benefit from the anticipated influx of new Players who will now take comfort in knowing that they can bet online without any hassles.

The Interactive Gambling Tax Bill will be tabled in Parliament during the first half of 2009. Comments on the legislative proposals must be sent to the Treasury before March 1, 2009.

The full text of the Bill can be found on the Treasury’s website.

Another record year for Macau (Las Vegas of China) even though we are in a recession!

April 26, 2009

Macau gaming revenues reached record highs before the recession hit late in 2008, as reported by The Xinhau News Agency. Reported US$13.7 during 2008 with year on year increases of average 31%!

Statistics released from the Special Administrative Region (SAR), Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, the only place in China where gambling is legal, reported gaming revenues of 45.7% over 2007.

Tycoon, Stanley Ho’s company SJM, was the market leader last year followed by US gaming operators in second and third positions. Macau gaming revenues dropped by 7% year on year for the last few years. The world recession is felt as the industry slowed down from September 2008 and dropped by 3.5% in total.

Pitfalls for South Africans

April 26, 2009

Online Casino gaming is plenty of entertainment if you love to be at home and tour the world’s casinos online. There is so much to AMUSE yourself with and so many to pick and choose from. The only snag in this is that, as a South African, I am rejected at many many casinos because of my SA nationality! At first I thought it is just a small problem with one casino, but as I went through my list of casinos, I was rejected at almost 95% of them.

True to my style, I did not succumb to their rejection and started sending e-mails to the administrators/customer service departments. This was my e-mail to them:

“Hi there, I came across your casino site via internet, and was interested to play as you opening bonus is really attractive. Upon registration, my account could not be activated due to the fact that I live in South Africa. I do not understand this, as we have no Laws outlawing gambling! Can you please tell me what the problem is, as I do not accept rejection with regards to this matter! Hoping to hear from you soon!”

And so the replies started pouring in:

“Thank you for your email and interest that you have in …… but due to the following reasons we do not accept any players based in South Africa. Firstly our software cannot be supported if you are based in South Africa as it is not setup for IP addresses registered in S.A. Also our Gaming provider which is Micro Gaming will not be able to provide you with the support required once a casino account is registered. We do appreciate your feedback and hope that we will be able to make the casino available in South Africa soon.”

Now I ask…is this discrimination or just bad luck? Why have an internet casino on the www and exclude SA? So, in the end I had no choice to only play with online casinos that are South African friendly! Even if the writers of the response email do decide to allow SA to play in a few years from now, I will not join them. Their loss in my opinion!

The purpose of posting this you think? To inform you of the pitfalls out there in the online gaming world and what you can expect. Now, as I went through the time of downloading the software, and provided them with all my details, do I receive a refund on my MB used to download useless software? No, this is what you loose! And to make matters worse, now I receive spam from them as they are now in possession of my e-mail address and details! Sounds like complaining, but this is the reality and I want you to be aware of what is going on out there!

On AMUSE, we will post SA friendly casino sites for you to visit and that you can trust. This will save you time and software downloads in MB, as it is costing you to install it.

Go and amuse yourself and have loads of fun -

R300 Million Jackpot Winner

April 15, 2009

A 38 old mom of four has won an unbelievable 330 Million Rand ($33 Million) at a casino in Reno on Easter Sunday. This is one of this amazing stories. A friend of her has convinced her to go to the casino. She actually wanted to enjoy Eater Monday with her four kids. Her husband offered her to have some play time with them and she decided to join her friend.

She started playing and not even after 15 minutes he hit the Megabucks Jackpot at Sparks Casino. This is the second biggest Jackpot ever won in a Casino $39 Million in March 2003 in Las Vegas at the Excalibur Casino.

She will definitely have enough money to put her kids through University, buy a nice house, go on an extended holiday and can still live comfortably from the interest. How one spin at a progressive slot can change your life.

Not online B&M casinos offer big jackpots. You can also win millions playing in an online casino. The bigges online Jackpot you can win at the moment at Spin Palace Casino. The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot is at over 6 Million. Make sure you play in UK Pounds or Euro, but not in Rand. The winner will receive the money in the currency he or she plays.